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Beauty Is In the Small Things

Here are two photos I took a few days ago in Burgas.

Burgas is one of the biggest cities in Bulgaria, and it’s located at the seaside. I’ve written about it before: it’s the city where the amazing pink lake is located (actually, the place where I took these photos is very close to the lake).

These plants and flowers are just weeds, but I think that they show how beautiful the simple things could be. What are the small things that make you happy?

By the way, I was lucky that there weren’t any bugs on the plants (or at least I didn’t see any) since I’m quite scared of insects.

I’m not sure whether these flowers are daisies or chamomiles, but these type of flowers always makes me smile.


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  1. If one looks at plants growing naturally as weeds, and not wonder at them, one would miss out on so much. The flowers in our fynbos are oftentimes very small, but they’re exquisite nevertheless!