Bayer prepares to face litigation for potential Essure complaints

When Bayer set aside almost $11 billion (USD) to compensate the thousands of people that filed lawsuits against the company due to the problems associated with the Monsanto-manufactured weedkiller RoundUp, then many investors were predicting that the pharmaceutical giant would begin to recover after Bayer stock has dropped $13 per share over the past two years.  However, Bayer will now have to deal with another settlement from a different product.

The item that is in question is the Essure birth control device.  This metal device is surgically placed in a women’s Fallopian tubes.  The device then blocks all eggs within the ovaries from reaching the uterus.  However, thousands of women have been suffering numerous side effects, which have resulted into around 32,000 lawsuits within the USA at this time.  

Some of these side effects are lower abdominal pain and bleeding of the uterus.  The worst of these side effects is ectopic pregnancy.  An ectopic pregnancy occurs with this device because the blocked egg remains in the Fallopian tube.  The egg is then fertilized, but that fertilized egg is not allowed to travel to the uterus for a normal pregnancy.  In an ectopic pregnancy, the egg cannot survive outside of the uterus.  Therefore, the egg bursts and causes damage to organs and life-threatening bleeding.

Due to the excessive bleeding that happened in the women that had the Essure device implanted within them, they sued Bayer.  Fortunately, the USA discontinued sales of the device at the end of last year.  Now, Bayer is set to lose an estimated amount of $1.39 billion (USD).  Bayer just needs to stick to selling aspirin.


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