Bayer may have a silver bullet


When Bayer AG bought out Monsanto a year ago, then Bayer became responsible for all of the lawsuits against Monsanto, the manufacturer of the weed killer RoundUp that has caused cancer in thousands of its customers.  For the first three cases, the verdicts all went against Bayer with the total amount being over a billion dollars.  Plus, there are around 1,300 lawsuits that still have to be litigated throughout the United States of America.

Bayer could settle all of these cases out of court and take the hit by paying over 7 billion dollars in restitution.  However, Bayer has a silver bullet that they are waiting to use in litigation.  Before Bayer settles, they are waiting for one of these lawsuits to reach the Supreme Court.  If the case is overturned, then Bayer does not have to pay any of these people a dime.  Right now, banking on the Supreme Court to make another bad judgment actually gives Bayer a chance to skate on all of their lawsuits.


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  1. ummmm

    if the supreme court you are speaking of is the US Supreme court, it is highly unlikely that the Monsanto case will be presented to the top US court for 12-18 months.

    The legal precedent, in this case, is stacked against Bayer (just ask the Tobacco companies).

    The reality is Bayer is most likely not trying to skate, that isn’t likely to happen, they are trying to buy time.As the Tobacco companies did, as the Asbestos companies did, time is required to move assets out of places the US Courts can touch.


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