Banja Vrujci

Banja Vrujci has long been known as a place where mineral water springs, which helps in the treatment of many illnesses. One of the old legend says that his severe wounds sustained in combat in this spa treat and a great hero Toplica Milan. On his return from the battlefield passed through Banja Vrujci where he spent several days. During his stay in the bathtub on drinking and putting on wounds healing water.

Tradition says that it is just this water helped heal all your wounds. The temperature of the water of thermal sources in Vrujci is in the range of from 21C (the lowest recorded value) of 31C (the highest recorded value), but is usually the water temperature ranges from 26˚C to 27 degrees Celsius. Based on the report of the Institute of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation of the Republic of Slovenia and the Institute of Internal Medicine, “Dr. Vlastimir Godić” from Belgrade, it was concluded that water can help in the treatment of many diseases:

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