Ballykearney in the Rain

My nearest town, five miles away, is Bunclody, which straddles the Slaney River shortly after it enters county Wexford, having tumbled down the mountains from Wicklow. Following the river downstream, southwards towards the heart of Wexford, the next bridge is at Ballykearney. That’s where I took these pictures.

#1 Celtic Cross

This old Celtic cross in the graveyard frames another similar cross—look carefully! The ground stone surface is darkened by the spitting rain.

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#2 Hewn Granite

Here you can see a hewn granite cross in the graveyard, with the church tower in the background.

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#3 Ballykearney Bridge

This bridge over the River Slaney is several centuries old. How many winter floods it had withstood! You can see the church in the background.

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#4 Rising from the Floodplain

Here you can see the fields rising from the Slaney's floodplain. Most winters, the lower area is inundated, and when the waters recede they leave behind a rich layer of alluvial deposit, which acts as a wonderful natural fertiliser for these fields.

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