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Baba Marta is a changeable month

Robin Biznis March 12.2019 Belgrade Serbia

Hi all

We went to the month that is known to the Slovenes as Grandmother Marta. This applies only to people living on the northern hemisphere.In March, we have winter and spring that starts March 21.This is the most weird and the most unstable month throughout the year.

In one day there may be sunshine and rain and snow.The south-eastern wind known as “Kosava” often blows in March. In Serbia, kosava comes from the Carpathian Mountains of Romania and its good character is that it cleans the city of Belgrade from various particles, gases that emerge from the chimney of the heating plant.March due to changing time often causes discomfort in people who think about changing time.Also  fruit grover are afraid, because if during the night there is cold, their fruit may fail.In my yard, she started to flourish in Pear three,

Pear bud Pyrus sp.

and she was preparing Apricot three.

Apricot lat. Prunus armeniaca

In March, you can also see a small plant on the outside.How Snowdrop is synonymous with February is the Viola and Primrose for March.

Primrose лат. Primula vulgaris

Of course, the 8th of March is the international holiday of women.He is still celebrating in Serbia.

Home Image source: Petra Göschel from Pixabay


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  1. These are so very beautiful captures of wonderful buds and blooms and flowers…!

    PS Unfortunately I’m always late at your posts, i always visit the latest list so often don’t manage to comment all of them…
    Also, if you want to earn more, get more views and your posts to be exposed more it would be good to answer all the comments… 😉 Just a tip…

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