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They fall in the golden autumnsheet after sheet of wood,song after song and a singer out of the soul. My days are queasy: every day: “Goodbye” to joy-some or last dreams, shadows of youth. In silent sorrow, look at the sunset,watching the sun come …Soon and so, here a stranger, I will hear a cry: “Come on!”


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Written by Georgi Tsachev


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  1. AUTUMN. What a beautiful word. Say it to yourself, Notice the way it moves in your mouth. Autumn. Taste it now. Think about Autumn. How the leaves fall from the trees, the lazy way they meander on their way down, desperately trying to prolong their suicidal flight, to postpone that inevitable moment when they must hit the ground. Yet how they must savor that excruciating sensation of freefall… Why else would they don those brilliant kamikaze colors? Have you never heard the way leaves sigh in ecstasy when the wind picks them up to fly once more in the lead-hued sky?

    Autumn. It kicks the shit out of Winter any day of the week.

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