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Autumn, autumn – a wonderful season

It’s already September. As much as we want the summer to continue, we have to be reconciled that autumn comes imperceptibly and offensive. It is difficult to re-emerge for the upcoming rainy days, especially since we have been on the beach lately and have enjoyed the sun rays.

Instead of the autumn to sadden us and create melancholy moods, we can really see it and experience it in its full glamour.

There are no reasons that can make the autumn a great season, despite the wet streets and jackets we do not want to wear.

Everywhere around us everything is dyed in warm colors, with only a deep breath taking, we can boil in the freshness of autumn.

Falling leaves carry a little poetic sadness, but what a bad thing about it …!

Jackets are irritating and weighing, but yet the great sweat is over and the time comes when we can enjoy the warm beverages.

These are my archive photos from autumn in my native Bulgaria.

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