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As time goes by…

I find it easier and easier to come up with the word limit that Virily has in place for its posting rules.

When I first started, I was used to the way the photo sharing sites worked, Tsu being the first one.  You didn’t have to write anything if you didn’t want to, but look where Tsu is now. People abused their system and they were not able to continue.  Anyway, back in those days I never thought I could write anything that people would find worth reading actually.

Since then I have found Virily, after seeing yet another paid site go down the tubes like Tsu did. Rabadaba and Niume have also joined the paid site graveyard.

So, the new comment word limit is a good idea I believe. It is a way for people to really write more than a one comment one fits all type of reply to your post. All the changes we are seeing in this very new site are for our own good, they want to stay in business.

Don’t stress about a 25 character word limit for comments, this is a good thing!

My thoughts for the day….

Now for my sunrise I saw yesterday. We don’t get them all the time because most of the time we have fog in the mornings and evenings that cover our sunsets. The days when we do see them, I like to share, so I hope you enjoy.

#9 The Golden Sunrise

Street lights still glow. I soon settled high above the city. Around me are pigeons, crows and stray cats. They are a good company. So we all enjoyed together and enjoyed the wonderful golden sunrise.

© Elenka Smilenova 2017 - All Rights Reserved

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Written by Kim_Johnson


  1. Well done shots. Anyways, I can relate with that word limit. ? The first time I joined virily, it’s not easy for me to express myself in English but then, I was forced to do so. Thanks to virily’s rule.

  2. Lovely photography as always! I really enjoy the sunsets.They are one of my favorite things to photograph, although mine never turn out as good!

    I understand the word/character limit for comments…I think it’s a good idea too. 25 characters (or even words) is not too difficult! Much better than 1 word comments, that’s for sure!