Appeal of historic RoundUp case begins tomorrow

The appeal of the monumental RoundUp case in 2018 that saw a person receive a $289 million verdict begins tomorrow at the First Appellate District in San Francisco, CA.  

In the case, the plaintiff Dewayne Johnson, a school groundskeeper, contracted non-Hodgkins lymphoma (NHL) due to using the weedkiller RoundUp over the years.  Instead of doing the right thing and settling out of court, Monsanto and Bayer, who bought Monsanto in 2018, decided to take this case to litigation.  Of course, the jury decided that these corporations were at fault to the tune of $289 million.  Later on, the judge lowered the verdict to $78.5 due to unnecessary punitive damages.

Monsanto and Bayer then decided to not pay the verdict and appealed this case to the Appellate Court.  If Monsanto and Bayer wins, then they will not have to pay a dime to thousands of people that have filed lawsuits against them for obtaining cancer from using RoundUp.  If they lose, then they will appeal this verdict to the US Supreme Court.


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