Answers to the Psychology Test -6

This is the Sixth Part of Answers to the Psychology Test found here.

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This question may seem similar to question 8,  that is the crossing of a stream.  The difference is that in the first, the water represents human interaction, this one deals with other aspects.


11. You continue to walk and see a four lane highway in front of you, you need to get to the other side. About a quarter mile away you can see an overpass, what do you do?


This question deals with your perception of danger, of your willingness to take a chance contra playing it safe.

It deals with your confidence in yourself, your understanding of the world, and is central to how your life progresses.

Do you look at the traffic and see a chance that you can cross safely?   Do you see breaks in the flow of traffic giving you an opportunity or is the traffic constant?

If the traffic is constant then you see life in a certain way, if there are breaks in the traffic, giving you chances, you see it entirely differently.

As said before, everything counts, and everything is based on your personal views.

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If you see a backed up highway, impossible to break across and walk to the overpass, well, you see life as fast moving, with little openings.   Taking the overpass is logical, for to step into such traffic seems suicide.

If you see breaks about are afraid to chance it, and walk to the overpass, you don’t risks.

It is very important for you to truly visualise in this test.


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