A strange child born with werewolf syndrome disease

In Indian state Madhya Pradesh, there is a strange child with full face covered by hair. The 13-year-old Lalith in Ratlam area of Madhya Pradesh suffering from this strange disease by born. Whoever the first time sees Lalith, they gets scared to see him,  but those who know him now are so grateful to this child, Now that they neither fear of him nor are they feeling strange by seeing him.

According to medical experts, Lalith was born with Hypertrichosis disease, which is called werewolf syndrome. Werewolf syndrome disease effected people grow up to 5 cm long hair the face. Lalith has become very popular in its school and area friends, and according to his teacher, he is good but he is a little naughty.

Lalith says his friends are very good, and he plays well with his friends but sometimes stranger people throw stone at me and call me the monkey. The infected child says that sometimes I think I wish I would have been like other children but I can not do anything in this regard.

Lalith says that now I am accustomed to this situation, and I am satisfied with myself, because of the big hair on the face itself I am different from others.

Lalith is the brother of 5 sisters and his mother says, Lalith was the born with lot of prayers and he have got bog place in my heart.


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