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A Snowy Walk Into the Woods

One of the most fantastic things to do in Latvia during the wintertime was to go for a snowy walk into the woods that had become like a winter wonderland.

We pass the smallest fir tree and head into the woods.

As we head into the woods we can see all the trees are powdered with snow

The firs and the pines cluster together and usually, the snow blown by the wind eventually covers them all 

We find a snowy birch among all the other trees 

Oops, be careful of the barbed wire under the snow. Usually, if someone's land had woods on it the land parcels were divided by barbed wires in the days gone by.

This fir tree has lost some of its snow and you can see how green it is. Where did the snow plop down to? One of the smaller trees as you can see in the last photo.

This pine was much smaller and it received most of the snowfall from the taller trees


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  1. Well that’s it I am moving to Latvia… Here in the Outaouais valley, Canada no less we barely have snow and what we had so far is almost melted. The temperature is above 0 almost every day. I would just love walking in your winter wonderland as it is absolutely breathtaking….

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