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A New Zealand Parrot – The Antipodes Island Kakariki

I saw this parrot for the first time at the Auckland Zoo. I have never been to the Antipodes Islands off New Zealand. 

He is quite a character and here are some photos of this parrot.

Jumping Parrot

The bird seemed to move all of the time. He was in an enclosure and seemed to be by itself.

Better view of the Bird

Now you can see everything of this parrot, the Antipodes Kakariki.

Head on

Looking at this bird, the only other colour than green is a fleck of bright blue on its side.

Wings in Action

Just about to fly

Antipodes Kakariki Flight

I don't know how I got this, but here it is in flight.

At least I can see the face of the Antipodes Kakariki.

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