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A Forest Hike- a Great Therapy for the Soul

After several long months of limited movement within my town and so many hours spent indoors, it’s finally time to get out and change the background for a while, and while I’m still reluctant about traveling to remote destinations in the nearby future, I can still have a good time and breathe some much needed fresh air by going on a short trip in a forest and rediscovering the beauty of the wilderness on a weekend afternoon.

Such a hike allowed me, at least for a couple of hours,  to forget about the worries and uncertainties caused by the unfortunate events which have turned 2020 into a nightmarish year, to clear my mind of negative thoughts and feel a surge of optimism and confidence that I hadn’t experienced for a long time. 

While hiking on a forest road with no other people around except for my family during the first part of the trip, I was trying to absorb as much as I could of the sights and sounds of nature which I had missed so much during the miserable spring we all went through. 

Thus,  the pleasant coolness of the air which allowed us to enjoy a smooth journey without feeling the discomfort of the high temperature of that summer day, the gentle murmur of the mountain stream running nearby, the joyful singing of birds and the impressive views of rocks and tree trunks fallen probably during some big storms completed the picture of a day in which I rediscovered the greatness and sometimes eerie and mysterious beauty of the forest and it reignited my curiosity and my appetite for exploration and discovery. 

I’m planning to turn such weekend hikes into a habit this summer. I had other plans at the beginning of the year, but I gave them up for the time being. Even if tourist destinations are slowly beginning to reopen in Romania and the neighboring countries, I simply don’t feel its safe enough yet to venture to more distant places, so I’m going to stay in my area and enjoy more hikes into the wilderness; fortunately, there are landscapes which are so beautiful that I can explore them over and over again without getting bored.

 The first trip I took at the beginning of the summer was like a medicine for my soul, but it wasn’t enough to heal completely, so I need more doses of this miraculous treatment and I’m going to get them really soon!

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