5 Tips to Write a Good Essay if You Are a Tech Student

What is the essay? Need to write an essay but you can’t because you study technology and have no idea how to write at all? You’re on a right page! The essay is a type of literary genre where the author analyzes, interprets or criticizes a certain topic in a brief and concise manner. It usually poses a single point of view and has a clear and determined structure. It is common that in the university this kind of writing is required, but it can also be truly useful when studying, since it allows you to shape your ideas around a topic and discuss notions from your point of view. In this way you will show the teacher that you are not only interested in the subject, but you have an opinion formed around it. Also, it is a good way to practice for a written or partial exam.

Consider the following recommendations:

1. Choose an interesting topic

The issue needs to be relevant. Opt for current issues and think about the recipient, the target audience of your essay. Make sure you gather information from local and international media to know the subject in depth. Visit different websites and take note of what you learn and the sources you visit in case you want to check them again. Remember that the ideas you develop should be backed up with documentation and if you do not forget quotations and footnotes.

2. Write down the fundamental points

As you get into the subject and you go through the different portals or consult the indicated bibliography, you will find that there are some arguments that you can’t dismiss and must necessarily create. To avoid forgetting them, be sure to make an ordered list of the most important points and include them in your essay. Some people find it difficult to prioritize key points in the essay and they should get help from professionals they can find online. One of the reliable sources is

3. Consider the structure

When you have your notes ready, determine the structure you will use. The best way to write an essay is to divide it in parts. The most common modality is to place an introduction, a development and a conclusion.The first part should reveal the theme, the purpose of the research and the organization of the text. The body or development extends the information mentioned in the introduction with solid arguments. Finally, the conclusion reviews the central ideas mentioned and illustrates the author’s opinion on the subject. The essay is a kind of academic work, so maintaining the formal tone and avoiding humor and sarcasm are much needed, as well as the colloquial vocabulary.

4. Write a draft

Every good writer knows how important the draft prior to the final work is. In writing an essay, you need to really know what you want to include. The sketch in the form of a draft can be a good idea.

5. Reread the final version and correct it

This is the final step and you should not neglect this. You should understand that thoroughness is everything. Before delivering the final version, review it. Read carefully for typographical, spelling or syntax errors. You must always be careful about each of your papers. Each sentence has an important role that is irreplaceable therefore paying attention to every order of sentences is highly recommended.By implementing the 5 tips above then you can produce a quality essay, and by continuing to practice you will be closer to perfection. Writing is not always easy but will be much easier if accompanied by regular exercise.


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Written by Wafa Butt

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