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5 Magnificent Creations Of Mother Nature That Will Amaze You!

Mother nature surely surprises us with her magnificent creations. The Earth’s crust contains a wide specter of different gemstones in so many colors and shapes. Their prices are depending in their rarity. Gemstones are known to have healing powers. Despite that, they are frequently used to produce luxurious jewelry.

Read about some of the prettiest gems that will amaze you!

5  Magnificent Creations

Bismuth has a very interesting shape and color. Although it looks like a gem, in fact it isn't. Bismuth is a metal that is used in various purposes. Being soft and brittle, it has lower melting point than other metals. It is considered as having the lowest level of toxicity. Bismuth can be used in production of medicines, cosmetics, and it can replace lead.

Realgar is known as ruby of arsenic. It is transparent, with dark red to orange-red color. It is used in production of fireworks, explosive and insect and snake repelent. This beautiful gem is known to be toxic. Realgar is used in the Chinese medicine. They mix it with rice liquor to make realgar wine, that is consumed during the Dragon Boat Festival. This drink is toxic and has become rarer practice.


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