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I am speaking here of BRAVERY

Defined as ‘Courageous behaviour or character’, which defined as ‘the ability to do something that frightens one; bravery.’ Some things annoy me to distraction. I believe the Americans coined the phrase ‘Snowflake Society’. I think it succinctly alludes to much that is wrong with our current culture. The rot set in after it became fashionable […] More

GDPR crib sheet (Yes, it affects YOU)

NOTE: The GDPR applies to any business that does one or both of the following: Offers products or services to citizens of the EU Collects personal information from citizens of the EU Note that if you meet either of these criteria, it doesn’t matter where your business is located. This means that a U.S.-based business […] More

Why Electric Eclectic is causing an internet storm.

Today, I write about a relatively new, but fast-growing way to find new books to read and great authors to follow. It is called Electric Eclectic books. Electric Eclectic is a book brand designed to introduce readers to ‘new’ authors. A little like a readers meet authors ‘Tinder’! It works like this. Readers browse the Electric Eclectic […] More

This Post May Have Some Controversial Elements, None of Which Do I Apologise For

I have found ‘Authors4Oceans’. It is another ‘activist’ initiative, like ‘Surfers against Sewage’. While I wholeheartedly support the basic notion on which such ‘awareness’ programmes are based, I cannot think of anything but the ulterior motives which lay behind them. Allow me to elucidate. Surfers do not wish to surf, swim or sit on beaches […] More

Social, books, readers & the future.

Facebook’s algorithms; that’s Facebook’s way of restricting who sees your posts, so you must buy ‘advertising’ if you want more than 3% and 10% of your friends to see any single post. Try posting to several groups in within a few hours or commenting on a reasonable number of people’s posts/pages, you will find yourself […] More

Out of the Box

Sometimes I do things a little different with my books; I try and give my readers an unexpected addition, a twist, something to amuse and entertain above and beyond expected content. The accompanying images are from the original hardcover version of ‘Teardrops and White Doves’, a collection of my poetry. I am in the process […] More

Information Leak… (but) Good news this time

I have been given some exciting information and way before it is shared all over social media. So, this is a heads-up on something you can get ahead of the game on. If you love reading you will probably know of Electric Eclectic books? They publish great Novelettes by a whole raft of authors. Each […] More

How to… find those great reads you’ve missed on Amazon & Goodreads

If you love reading you will, from time to time, need to search for new books and often you will need to find new authors too, because your ‘favourite authors’ will still be writing their next book, the one you really, really must read! So, what are you to do in the meantime? Simple, you […] More

Publish your book at little, or zero cost?

That is what The Frugal Author says you can achieve, with this book of the same name. He has written this book as an aid for independent authors in pursuit of economical, prudent self-publication. The Frugal Author produces his own eBooks, paperbacks and high-quality hardcover publications with very little if any, financial outlay. This book is […] More

The Collection

I am just loving the great ideas in this new catalogue. It is, as it say’s on the cover, a guide to year around giving. It covers just about everything you can think of, from Birthdays, Anniversaries and Engagements to gifts for newborns and housewarmings, graduation and more. There are wonderful handcrafted goods, like the […] More