Paul Pulszartti

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Paul Pulszartti


I was born and live in central Europe. I liked the art from my youth. I enjoy many different styles and periods of art , but abstract art, Dada, expressionism, surrealism, and pop art appeal to me the most. In 1988, inspired by the nature of life, mysticism, world events, and by personal experience, I started my own research of colors, techniques, styles, variations of composition and finding my own expressions in abstract. I like playful art, “alive paintings” where the colours tell a story. Every painting carries many of my emotions. My works have a free flow of ideas from my inside world. I like to paint with different techniques. I use acrylic, synthetic oil, watercolor, glue on painting materials as paper, canvas, hardboard, glass. The colours in the paintings combine with each other at their discretion. In November 1989 in Czechoslovakia I became the regional winner in modern art painting. After that more victories have followed on Fine Art America website competitions. My works are in private collections in San Francisco, New York, London, Prague, Budapest, Brno and Bratislava.




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