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Whangamata Beach

This is Whangamata Beach. I went there yesterday I apologise for not putting in more photos but still have so many photos I don’t know how Im going to get through them but I will. My husband goes into hospital on Wednesday for a shoulder replacement. So have things to do. For such a small […] More

Mahurangi Beach

This is one of New Zealand’s National Parks, Mahurangi Beach. Yesterday we drove there its about 2 hours drive North from where we live in Auckland. The land on the right over the water is an Island. It was a nice day and soon when I have edited some more travel photos of New Zealand […] More

Natural Forrest (15 submissions)

In New Zealand often we refer to our natural New Zealand trees as our New Zealand Native Bush. We refer to the Pine forests as separate. However, in other countries their native plants are part of a natural forest. So I would like to see your version of nature. Is it forest or bush? Dry […] More


Sanctuary Mountain

I have wanted to go to look at Sanctuary Mountain for a while. Its a very long drive. The first time I went to go I try to go through Cambridge and we found that this way was longer than we thought. The second time we went but it was too hot in the summer. […] More

Recent Trip to Piha Beach

Hi! I haven’t a lot lately, so here are a few photos I took of Piha beach. On the title part of Virily you will see the face of a Lion on Lion Rock. It shows some houses by a beach and there are many homes here you don’t see from this view. It is […] More

Hunua Falls

Hunua is one place where some dams are for Auckland’s water supply. Its really important to keep water clean for drinking but today sophisticated water experts can set up measures to make sure its drinkable but its no guarantee and we cant take it for granted. Auckland public transport is not great, best go by […] More

Hunua Falls

Went to Hunua Falls today about 1 hour drive south of where we live in Auckland. As you can see the water was in plentiful supply as its been raining here for a while and its the first fine day in 5 days. Move about Hunua another time. Log in or Register to save this […] More

Army Bay

This is Army Bay towards the end of Whangaparoa peninsula. About an hours drive north of Auckland. Army Bay is not the end but the tip of the Whangaparoa peninsula is owned by the Army and is used as a shooting range, so it’s off limits to the public. However Army Bay is opposite to […] More

Muriwai Gannet Colony

Muriwai is an Auckland West Coast beach and its about an hour to drive there from where I live. It is a surf beach with huge powerful waves. You may notice a surfer on the title page, there was a surfing competition on that day. Frankly, I have never learned to stand up and balance […] More

At Auckland Airport

A plane lands with its propellers going, its a domestic plane inside a rainbow with a lamp post. One of these days where the skies were spectacular and this is only one of them Log in or Register to save this content for later. More