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At Auckland Airport

A plane lands with its propellers going, its a domestic plane inside a rainbow with a lamp post. One of these days where the skies were spectacular and this is only one of them Log in or Register to save this content for later. More

Outside the Box!

We live in a world of constant change. Im not sure how many inventions are made every second of planet earth, but there are a lot of inventors. Progress can be a blessing or a curse. New medicine and cures, space travel and computer science with technology.  Wonderful things can be made.. At the same […] More

Butterfly Creek

Not far away from Auckland is “Butterfly Creek” It began with a collection of beautiful butterflies that we don’t have in New Zealand. Last fortnight I visited this and now Butterfly Creek has been around for at least 10 years with further additions. So I will begin with last fortnights views of what is here. […] More

Bird of the Day – Day 33 – The Peacock

I saw this Peacock in Shakespeare Park Whangaparoa peninsula, north of Auckland. It made a strange sound and faced me like this. Apparently its being aggressive. Some person told me that. However, we had no problems, took my photos and left. Log in or Register to save this content for later. More

360 Day Photography Challenge – Day 33 – Onehunga Moon

The night sky is a fascinating scene. I was fortunate as a child, shared a room with a view to see spectacular sunrises and sunsets and view the night sky. The view was over the Waitemata Harbour over land and land over water and Auckland Harbour bridge over the water. I loved the stars and […] More

Race and the Media

Some time ago, about 22 years ago – I was seeking accomodation and was meeting with some friends at someone’s house.  A woman answered and said, “Pam! I have a spare room in Onehunga and you can flat with me!” I remembered reading in the New Zealand Herald the crime reports.. They were as follows […] More

360 Day Photography Challenge – Day 33 – Taupri

Taupri is about 1 and 1/2 drive south from Auckland. It is next to the Waikato river. Taupri is a Sacred mountain for Maori Royalty and import Maori people. The Maori King is not far away but I don’t know where he lives – but I know that these people are strong and good people […] More

Life Drawing and Modern Art

Life Drawing as an artist is a discipline. Classical art teaches the proportions of the body, human or animal. With drawing people you need to also put perspective in perspective. A Classical artist needs to learn various proportions, such as children have different proportions than adults. The first title picture I drew from a life […] More

Bird of the Day- Day 32 – Bell Bird

This is a Bell Bird that lives on Tiritiri Matangi Island, which is a bird sanctuary. Its one beautiful bird and often competes for the sugar water that the Stitch Bird also likes. The Bell Bird is an endangered bird, so you won’t see it on the street of common every day New Zealander. When […] More

360 Day Photography Challenge – Day 33- Raglan

Here is the town of Raglan West Coast New Zealand. Its a beautiful place, but a bit isolated. Nice scenery and well worth a day trip. Here is a bridge that crosses over from the main shops to a park and camp grounds.  Log in or Register to save this content for later. More