Zen short story: The tree-loving Zen master was finally buried under his favourite tree

The renowned, and equally famous, old Zen master, Fredzlich Horenzo, had just died, and they buried him underneath a large Yew tree.

It was one that he had spend many a day under its shade, sitting, not idly by, but meditating on the fact of his own existence, in comparison to the existence of this great tree.

He knew that it would outlive himself, and now it had done so.

Fredzlich would meditate there now under the ground, rather than on top of it.

Was there a difference, and what is it, was his final question to his students to ponder over, after his death.

Here are some of the answers that his students came up with:

“Death lives in life, as much as life lives in it.”

“The potential depth of any life is the same as any other life, short, or long. Depth is being your real self.”

“Above or below, love joins all together. Love never dies.”

“Death mirrors life, until you face it in the face.”

“Death follows life, when you place death in life’s place.”

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