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Wow, Like a Rolling Stone – Carol DM

They said it doesn’t have to be in a message.  The boys want to do something and I said that it is not a decision that I can make. It has to come from you. We’ve had a very long discussion and they understand that you may not be interested at all and that would be fine with everyone.

We take the rocks from the quarry. We look long and hard for the stone we like. We have been making benches.  We have friends who we work with to do the engraving and it’s something they love to do and help with. They thought it might be nice for you to have a bench with something engraved on it.  We got the map out and talked about how far away you were and all those things.

“Aww that’s nothing, remember when we shipped them to England to that guy who had a funny accent. It took some thinking, but we did it. We have neighbors have a home here and one in Tennesee, we are planning to visit this summer when they knock out the virus, maybe that will is closer to where Carol DM and her bluebirds live.”

I said, “Not everyone wants a stone bench or an engraved rock.”

“Well, you won’t know that until you ask her. It’s all good. It is just an idea unless she wants to turn it into a wish. If she wants to turn it into a wish then there is another one we can grant. That would be like two of them done for sure. If it is not her wish she might just think of some ideas to help us think of a wish for her. (You can remind her that the first 100 have to be for other people, we have to 100 before we can do one for each other.)

I laughed, “Do you have something you are thinking about for someone?” 

“Yeah, I know what 101 is going to be for my brother. I will let you know what it is when we are there.”

They also wrote down the things that made Poppa laugh. I am getting the cd’s made and the stories will be printed in a small actual book from a local printer.  As soon as they are done, we will go and deliver that wish.

(They have discussed it and called to say you could answer in a private message if that would make you happier.) 

Suddenly for me locked down doesn’t feel so lonely.


What do you think?


Written by Ghostwriter

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