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“A book is a dream that you hold in your hands.”Neil Gaiman

Those of you who really enjoy reading know that once you pick up a book you are transported into other worlds and situations and soon the world of reality becomes foggy. I know that when I was a child you might say I decided to “eat” my way through the library. Every book was enjoyed whether it was a picture book or storybook.

When I got to what I refer to as actual books I always left the library with an armful. Among my favorites was the books about Pippi Longstocking and I always imagined being like her. Often it was hard to put the books down. I never watched TV without having a book in my lap.

Today I still love to get lost in favorite books. Among my favorites which I have read several times already but always find something new among the pages is “The Woman In White” by Wilkie Collins.  I am always transported far away to another place and time. So yes, I agree with the above quote and always prefer to hold a real book in my hands.


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  1. The only good thing about online books, is it’s easier to search something through the pages, but it’s much harder to rifle through pages on the internet, to randomly read something, like I like to do, in a book.

    That looks like a well-read copy of that book in your photo of the cover.

      • Yes, it was written in 1859, and a film was first made, based on it, in 1948, I think, which was made again in 1997, as a TV movie.

        An interesting gothic tale from the Victorian era.

        Wilkie sounds like a lady’s name to me, but this writer was, of course, a man, William Wilkie Collins, (1824 to 1889).


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