Word of mouth Marketing with Digital Influencers.

Although the Word Of Mouth Marketing as word/phrase is new, yet the concept is not new at all.


Just a justified good name and beautification of an old highly used concept. Going back in the history of marketing you would find the existence of nothing but the only concept of the ‘Word Of Mouth Marketing’, in a less glorified version.

So before we get into the understanding of the concept of WOMM, let me tell you the drawback of the normal marketing system. Now that lots of people are using the same marketing strategies that aren’t a total waste but the only and huge drawback of all the marketing strategies comparing with this concept of Word of Mouth Marketing is that it requires considerable time to reach the masses.

Let me explain a little more. So when you market your products or services from your business page/ account on social media platform then you can reach only those many people who are following your social media profile. So to increase the follower you need creative efforts and paid marketing, etc.

But that very drawback is been covered with this concept of ‘Word of Mouth Marketing’.

Now, what exactly is (WOMM) Word Of Mouth Marketing concept is?

This is exactly what it sounds like, where you tell about your brand/product to people and then they tell some others and the information gets scattered like this. That is the exchange of information that happens naturally is done deliberately for marketing purposes.

So back in a time when there was no digital platform available, how do you think the marketing would have been done? Because even then there wasn’t a situation where the brands weren’t famous at all! So there this concept of Word Of Mouth Marketing happened to be used unknowingly.

For example, if you find some brand useful or of good quality, then you tell other people about it and that’s how the brand reaches to the popularity. Like with the good and catchy jingles the product used to talk among common people.

Image: This girl represents the whole brand since the starting of the brand and every child of the ’90s knows this girl and the brand and the jingle of the brand. And the brand got famous due to the Word of Mouth Marketing technique.

Now the only beautification is done in the same concept is you are doing the same using digital platforms.

For one more

How is the Word Of Mouth Marketing concept is executed?

The people who are already having lots and lots of followings of people are been asked to talk about brand/product/ services and that is making you reach to the lots and lots of people at the same time.

In a way, this also solves the drawback that mentioned earlier of taking time to reach to the masses.

These people who have lots of followers on digital platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Youtube are called social media influencers. So working with these people you can do the social media word of mouth. And so the social media influencers become the digital word of mouth of your brand.

You can make the strategy of influencer marketing and influencer campaigns for the execution of the social media word of mouth.

Advantages of the Words of Mouth through Social Media Influencers:

  1. Influencers marketing is pure Organic marketing.
  2. Influencer marketing can be a little expensive at times, it could be free if the collaboration is done in that sort of way, but the result is worth it.
  3. The sales can still be tracked and SEO can be enhanced.
  4. An influencer can totally groom your brand/product while putting it out in front of people.
  5. The trust factor that Influencers already have of the audience.


Rather than using other marketing techniques 51% of the marketers are going for the influencer marketing strategy. Here the biggest advantage of using the social media influencer marketing strategy, which by the way can also be summed up as Digital Word Of Mouth, is that the trust factor that the influencers already have built with their audiences. And it’s always better to take chances with already built trust with some other person rather than starting everything from zero.

Also, the mentality of the human being tends to listen to some other human being and trust them easily than somebody telling about themselves. Leveraging that fact and taking chances with the Word Of Mouth Marketing strategy is worth 100%.


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