Winter Activities

There are many different things that you can do when it comes to Winter activities. You can do a lot with your kids besides staying inside for the Winter when needed.

  1. Go to a Light show
  2. Go see the snow 
  3. If the weather permits go to the park

Go the Light Show 

What I mean by the light show is going to a nice Winter Wonderland or a place that is doing a Christmas light show so that your kids can be surrounded by joy and beautiful lights. We were surprised when my husband took us to the Winter Wonderland in Sacramento, but I am sure there are parades and other activities in your area where you can take the kids.

Go see the Snow

We live a few hours away from Tahoe and I am hoping that we can go see the snow before it all melts. If you live a few hours or minutes away from a place that gets a lot of snow then go with friends, family and even take your kids if you have any so that you can join in the fun. Make a snowman or two and throw some snowballs at each other.

Go to the Park

Well, we have the sun out where we are and it is still kind of cold but we can go to the park sometimes and let the kids play as long as they are dressed warmly. If you are trying to get out the house then take a walk or take the family to the park. I love taking a walk around my neighborhood so that I can see everyone’s Christmas decorations and lights.

Final Thought

Winter is cold but it does not have to be boring. You don’t have to be stuck inside all winter make sure that you get out and get some exercise. You can even start your Summer body if you want haha. 🙂


What do you think?