Why there’s no a bad decision

We live in a world in which we are obligated to make numberless decisions every single day! There are people who always believe they’ve made a good decision. On the other hand there are people who even find it difficult to sleep at night just because of their decisions. After taking a decision one spends a lot of time overthinking about it, about its consequences and what would have happened if they made another, totally different decision.

Let me tell you that once you’ve made a decision it’s over! It’s done! No thing can repair what you’ve done! You are living in the present and all you have is now, however overthinking about your decision and what you’ve done is already past, it’s gone, it’s done! The only way to be sure you’ve made a good decision is to completely believe in it, as well as in yourself!

It is a crucial thing to accept your decision, as this is the one and only way to expect good results out of it! Whatever you’ve chosen, you did it so because at that particular moment it was the best thing you could do, you’ve made the best decision you could make! Everything happens for a reason, and your decisions are not an exception! Sooner or later you realize it was the best choice you could have made, only if you forget about it the moment you make the decision! Every overthinking is just additional complication of the situation!

Be confident, believe in your choices, believe in yourself and the world will give you proofs you were totally right with your decision! On the other hand, the more you have doubts about your decisions, the more proofs you’ll get about this, and this is the way the world functions. Call it karma, call it consequence, call it whatever you will, the truth is this is how it goes!

Be aware that you are the creator of your reality, stick to your choices and that way you are always on the safer side! We are what we choose! We are our choices!


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