Why social networks make us anxious and miserable?

Social networks are an integral part of our lives. Whether we like it or not. No matter how much time and how we spend it there. When this triangle closes – the Internet, the smartphone, Facebook, we fall into it like in the Bermuda Triangle. In addition to our time, many important things are sinking into it, the lack of which deforms us in an unsuspecting way. At the same time, completely new, unexpected dimensions of anxiety are emerging, which is the greatest source of misery for today’s people.

Social networks bring our lives to light in the way we want to be seen. It is not real, this is not us, but a projection of what we want to be. If we are not comfortable with our Self, with our life at the moment – social networks give us opportunities to compare, the opportunity to be others.

Then we start to think of ourselves – to filter our photos, to put quotes and beautiful pictures, to show what we are missing. And we are as smart and insightful as our fast internet connection. So much roast and cool because we can edit, develop empty rhetoric and anonymously fearless. And we become like those we compare ourselves to. And it gets used to it so quickly, self-delusion seduces and addicts with its perfection. We become addicted, we reshape our daily lives, we don’t go out for hours, we click under the covers … It seems like there is no way out of it.

There is a way out of dependency on social networks:

We can turn any Facebook “friendship” into a real, lively coffee meeting. The groups we participate in become a real community of people with real contacts. To be more casual and not so much to think about. Let us speak in our own words, not quotes. Let’s not handle our photos that much. Let’s not just show everything, but manage our settings so that each post gets to the specific people who matter to us. It is not necessary to jump with a witty response, to impose our ego and to be intolerant, because it is “cool”. Sometimes it’s calmer for the other to be right.Sometimes it’s good not to be so perfect.

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