Why People Attend College or University

There are so many reasons why people attend certain majors or courses in college or university. It is the vehicle tool for them to find a better job and aim to earn for themselves. Once a person graduated, he or she will step-in into the reality of life. On the other hand, biological parents will finally say, “We did a great job.” It is up to a newly graduated student in finding their ways and chases their dreams. A dream is what they were able to withstand all the challenges.

1. New Experience

It is definitely a new experience for a freshly graduate from high school. All the excitement lingered to their senses in looking for new friends and an independent individual without the shadow of his or her parents. It is the training ground to be responsible for oneself. It is the chances where he or she could make or break off their future.

2. Career Preparation

For studios students, there is no reason for them to have set back in achieving their goal. Short-term and long-term goals are carefully planned. As early as students in college or university, the students were able to have their action plans and materializing a dream in the future.

3. Gain Knowledge

As expected, the students acquire certain knowledge and stored in their brains. In time, they would be able to apply this knowledge once graduated from college or university. At some point, the personality will change for the student because of what they had learned from textbooks, batch mates, teachers, and other extra activities outside of school.

4. Building Connections

Prior to graduation, the students would be able to establish their connections with their fellow schoolmates. It is starting for them to have another set of goals. In some colleges or universities, they can able to offer some job opportunities and be connected to some companies needed for new graduates.


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Written by Steven Gamboa

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