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Why is Kosovo wrest from Serbia?

In the modern history of the world, there is no instance that a state is so infamously looted as it happened to Serbia in Kosovo. With the blessing of the international community, which completely ignored the inviolate property right as the basis of modern civilization, state and private assets and natural resources worth hundreds of billions of euros were abducted. The CIA states that, according to international standards, Kosovo is worth 500 billion dollars (estimated reserves of coal, natural gas and metals). The US experts estimated that Serbia has remained coal for a maximum of 35 to 40 years, while it has been in Kosovo for as much as 16 centuries, while the value of the site of seven strategic ores (lead, zinc, silver, nickel, manganese, molybdenum and boron) is estimated at even $ 1,000 billion.

The Independent Commission for Mines and Minerals of Occupied Territories, managed by Unmik, announced in 2004 Rainer Hengstman’s report that the World Bank has estimated Kosovo’s mineral reserves to 13.5 billion euros. The most important place is lignite, whose geological reserves amount to about 15 billion tons, balance reserves of lead and zinc are estimated at 51 million tons (74.1 percent of Serbia’s balance reserves), nickel and cobalt reserves to 19.9 million tons, and reserves of bauxite 1.7 million tons (potential aluminum production of 425,000 tons).

The World Bank has estimated that deposits of lignite and brown coal in Kosovo and Metohia are sufficient to produce electricity for one century, which is in line with the estimates of experts from the Mining and Geological Faculty in Belgrade, who also estimated that the potential in Kosovo is sufficient for two thermal power plants and production of electricity for a hundred years.

In the battle for the exploitation of Kosovo’s resources, the big world players joined: retired NATO general Wesley Clark(“Envidity Energy ltd ,,) , financial magnate George Soros,  and the company “Albanian Minerals”, whose director is Sahit Muja, “Avrupa minerals”, the US Global Mining Research Corporation, ,, Lidian International “(formerly” Rio Tinto “), focused on the research of the site in Orahovac (Kosovo), where so far it has been found from 1.87 to 8 grams of gold per tonne of sample, and many others.

The second-largest American company ACM that operates, which officially, unofficially, in Kosovo, owned by Madeleine Albright, was once interested in the purchase of Post and Telecommunications (PTC), which in its system inherited the Serbian infrastructure of Telekom Srbija, but, due to pressure from the public, she abandoned this purchase. But Albright, however, found a way to get a dollar through Kosovo. Her affairs, that is, the affairs of her firm in Kosovo are led by the brother of Kosovo’s head of diplomacy Hashim Tachi – Ganup Tachi.

From 1,088,699 hectares of land to which the Serbs had property  according to cadastral books, more than 80 percent were usurp by Albanians, while most of the companies were sold in a criminal privatization process, the foundations set out by the Privatization Regulation proclaimed in April 2005 by Soren Petersen, the then head of Umnik. Believe it or not, this document prescribes that it is not necessary to determine the origin of ownership, but it can also be done after the sale, by court.

This untold robbery takes place under the approval of the United Nations, although Security Council Resolution 1244 does not foresee any participation of the UN in the change of property rights in Kosovo and Metohija. Contrary to the determination that the acquired property rights of the state, legal entities and natural persons can not be changed without their explicit consent, Unmik, arbitrarily and contrary to Resolution 1244, usurped property rights and ownership of immovables and enterprises.

I think it is quite clear that Kosovo is not abducted because of democracy.


What do you think?


Written by marija64

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    • The Serbian people in the vast majority do not want to enter the EU. We simply do not feel that these countries are our sincere friends. Only young people would want this membership, so they could leave the Balkans to the west, for easier job searching and better wages. We lived in Yugoslavia, which functioned as an EU. 6 republics, 2 provinces, all together in one state. Unfortunately, the West has succeeded, together with some domestic politicians, who were well paid, to break this strong country, make us poor, and now they open their factories, and our people work for a monthly income of 200-250 euros. But when people did not know how to preserve what was good, they might have deserved now to be servants to foreign masters.

        • The Balkans is a place where specific people live. They can not together. Still polemic about who first came, whose territories, who had bigger states…Unfortunately, people are still, in this regard, in a middle ages. It will be hard to correct that. Europe wants in its community a state of law, without nationalism and corruption. The Balkans is not currently.

    • Unfortunately, this is not history, this is happening right now. Not to speak of the consequences of uranium bombardment, from which mortality in Serbia is now doubled. Doctors foresee even more mortality for future generations. NATO bombed us to give Kosovo the Albanians, and that the great powers would use natural resources. The bombing campaign was called “The merciful Angel,” Ironically, is not it?

  1. I don’t quite understand. 2 companies operate in this country and Wrest Kosovo from Serbia. Please excuse my ignorance.
    I understand this country as you say has a great deal of mineral wealth.
    Are you saying that greed is responsible?
    Probably is.

    • Kosovo separated from Serbia, and recognized it as an independent state, because Serbia did not want to allow the exploitation of natural wealth by Western powers. Therefore, under the pretext of violating the human rights of Albanians, they bombed Serbia. When the Serbian army withdrew from Kosovo, NATO and UNMIK( United Nations Mission in Kosovo), assumed power. Then foreign companies began to buy and exploit ore, water and other natural resources of Kosovo for a little money. It was therefore important to separate Kosovo from its home country. now there is pressure on Serbia to recognize the independence of Kosovo, and that is a condition that it should be admitted to the EU. The people of Serbia will never accept this. Immediately after the bombing, Wesley Clark, and Madeleine Albright entered the business with the Albanians, and continued to be rich. This is probably not very clear to you, but in the Balkans it is, because it has already been seen in Syria, Libya, Iraq, etc. I’m sorry, my text is a bit long, but it can not be explained with two sentences what’s happening here.

      • Thanks you have made that clear to me. A lot is all about who gets what and is about greed not for the people of Serbia. In fact the mineral wealth of Kosovo seems a blessing and a curse at the same time.
        It would be really hard on ordinary people. Im sorry for this situation but greed is a world wide thing
        Some people have nice things, others go and help themselves and take.
        Its why some people turn to crime in NZ, pure jealousy.


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