Who Wants to Find a Couple? Why Online Dating Still Matters

Becoming part of a couple can be difficult and finding someone that has the same devotion to God as you can be even harder. However, there is no need to suffer without a partner any longer. Online dating sites are a place where anyone can join and find single people from their local area that are looking for a match and have the same religious beliefs as you. While it can be quite difficult to consider for some people to categorize themselves, dating sites are still a very good way for you to meet people. Here’s the string of logic that supports online dates in the context of religion.

Love is a Gift from God to Man

The one thing that most people don’t understand is that online dating is just finding a partner with some distance between you. As long as your love is pure and not clouded by mere lust, anyway that you find it is great. If you met someone in a store by accident, it wouldn’t be a big deal, right? Even if that’s the only time you’ve been to that store. The same logic applies to dating sites. We’re given the gift of love by God and finding love with another person shouldn’t be a trial; it should be celebrated for being so simple as when you’re dating online.

Everyone Wants to Be Loved and Be with a Couple

The fact of the matter is that everyone has a need for love in one way or another. Whether that be affectionate love where someone is improving you as a partner or love that is designed to build a family, love is universal. Being part of a couple is only natural because you want to find someone that has their life aligned in a way that works with you. While that doesn’t always have to someone that is exactly like you, there needs to be some common ground upon which you can build a foundation of your dates. One of the most significant elements of a relationship is a religion because that sets the tone for the rest of your relationship. With that in mind, you should think about how to combine those parts of your life and then how to be a couple. Can you find someone in your congregation that is single and looking for love with someone like you? Unless you are incredibly lucky, that might never happen! The world is just too big, but online dating can make it smaller and more approachable for people of every sort!

How Can Online Dating Be Done in a Way That Honors God?

Can online dating be done in a way that is honorable to God? That is a question that is on the mind of everyone when they consider dating online for the first time. Well, first we have to look at how dating can honor God at all. For one thing, proper dating works to involve you and your partner in the community. Also, you have God within your relationship. Lastly, you encourage your partner to live up to the role that God has set before them. You can argue that online dating is able to aid you in all three of these areas. You can meet your partner online, but there is nothing stopping you from spending some time in person, thus becoming part of the community. Additionally, online dating can include God in many ways. You can offer prayers together and read scripture to one another. You can attend church as we’ve already said. Lastly, using the relationship to further your partner’s life goals in service to God will also honor Him. Encourage donations, charity work, and more to help the community, and your relationship will be proper.

Modern Tools for Finding Love 

Modern tools for finding love are numerous, but the most important one is online dating. Online dating services provide you with a safe and effective way to seek partners any time you want and from any place you go. These dating services are not all made the same, though. Some of them are more open to the idea of religious-based dating experiences while others simply allow it to be an option on the website. As long as you use a dating service that has your best interests in mind, you will be able to find one that provides you with religious dates. Of course, the best religious dating sites will still allow you to use other criteria to meet people; you’ll just get the ability to take their religious perspective for granted as though you were dating someone in your own congregation!

Find Someone Who Shares Your Passion for a God-Centered Life

If there’s nobody that is eligible to date in church, at work, or in your social network, and you don’t fancy uprooting your life to move to another area, then how do you meet someone?  The famous web site has collected the most famous and popular dating sites for you. Why not embrace this modern tool for finding love and make use of It’s not wrong, is it? No! It’s just another tool that can be used by a righteous person to find partners that have a life to share with you. While it might seem like it’s almost too easy to get a date, you just have to keep in mind that you’re using a tool that is what you make of it and nothing more!


Finding a loving partner that has a healthy love of God is challenging in the modern world. Fewer people are religious than ever before, and meeting someone that shares your views can be challenging. However, using an online dating site is a great way for you to find singles with your beliefs and more. After all, dating services allow you to find people that are nearby, have certain features and share your religion. There’s no need to settle anymore, so sign up for online dating sites today to discover a partner with whom you can share your love of God!



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Written by David Elmers

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