Who Killed Maya Millette? Where is Her Body?

Wednesday, 5.12.21

Chula Vista Police at Larry Millette’s House

Police go to Larry Millette’s House with a Border Police Dog to search for evidence of the murder. The white van in the scene is the Police Lab. 

#1 Maya Millette

Wednesday, May 12, 2021

Maya Millette went missing on January 7th, 2021. She was married and had three kids, and their house was in Chula Vista, California. The middle kid saw what happened, and she knows how her mother died. The oldest is a girl and the youngest is a boy. According to this psychic reading channeling, her husband had to do with her death. She was 39.

Her husband is sex addict or porn addict. He had affairs with other women, she knew about it, and she wanted to end the married, which lead to her disappearance and death.

It sounds like he was an abusive husband to control his wife’s actions. He had many addictions, such as gambling, sex, and drugs. He is perverse in his sexual taste. He praises the dark side. He is connected with the dark side in some way.

She has a leg injury, which happened after she had died.

Maya’s spirit states “He did it, and it is a matter of time.”

4 years in the relationship since they got married, she knew her husband wasn’t good.

By February 2022, they will find Maya’s body.

She wants her kids to be with her relatives, and away from their father.


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