FILE - This May 16, 2005, file photo shows the home of authors Stephen and Tabitha King in Bangor, Maine. The writers have petitioned the city of Bangor for a zoning change for the home where they raised their children. If approved, the mansion will become home to Stephen King’s archives, and a guest house next door will become home to writers in residence. (AP Photo/Robert F. Bukaty, File)

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The well-known author who gave us many outstanding horror tales, Stephen King purchased a 19th-century Victorian mansion in Bangor, Maine in 1980, and spent his first Halloween there standing outside his gates giving candy to trick-or-treaters who passed by.

Soon his home became a landmark in Bangor. Now the author and his wife have gotten permission from the City Council to rezone their home as a non-profit center. They wish to turn the mansion into a museum highlighting the work of Stephen King and also making it into a retreat for writers. As a writer, I could not think of a better place where to get inspired.

The King family remain the owners but spend more time at their residences in Florida and Oxford County, Maine. According to King, it took his family a while to settle in at the Bangor mansion and it appeared that ghostly spirits might be the reason. Whatever the actual reason was they soon adjusted to their home. Now fans will be able to see the author’s home and writers will be able to pick up the vibes that have long inspired King in his writing. The museum will be by appointment only and it will be made known how writers can request to stay there.

 This is one place that could really fire up my imagination. Picture this, it is midnight and you venture out of your room to go to get something to drink in the kitchen. All of King’s vibrant imaginary characters come to life at this hour and you turn the corner and bump into IT or perhaps Jack as we saw him in “The Shining” Heeer’s Johnny. It could be the adventure of a lifetime.


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  1. There is another one on a former estate in upstate new york. i would love to go and spend 6 weeks just writing poetry.

    it is a great idea and King is the person to pull it off.

    I first started reading him as Richard Bachman, with his book Stand by me!


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