When should one replace the car windshield?

Driving a vehicle would be impossible and dangerous without a windshield. This is the most vital part of the vehicle.

A windshield is a barrier that protects a driver from the elements on the road such as dirt, rain, wind, rocks and debris. Compromising on a windshield is risking the safety of yours and everyone along.

There are 6 signs to know if it is time to replace and windshield or does it need a simple repair.

1. Cracks/ Scratches

When driving the most important thing is to see clearly. Cracks, scratches and, chips can make it difficult to see which may affect a person’s driving ability.

Distortion on the windshield could lead to devastating accidents. Research shows that impaired visibility leads to 46% of fatal crashes.

If there is a minor chip it can be repaired. But if there is a crack it could get bigger and the windshield may break. This is a sign that the windshield needs to be repaired if the crack is about or bigger than 3 inches.

2. Vehicle Inspection

Cracks and scratches can lead to a failed inspection. Checking the windshield before the inspection could save time from going through the entire process of inspecting again.

If a replacement is needed then ensure the windshield is replaced. Do not try to repair the cracks if they are big to replace it.

3. Windshield damaged in winter

Winters are harsh, this weather brings snow, ice and, salt that damages the windshield. Since the weather outside is a so cold, people generally turn on the heater in the car. This can be bad for the windshield as this could cause the glass to crack.

Pouring down boiling water to de-ice can also lead to the cracks on the windshield.

Park the car in the garage and cover it properly to extend the life of the windshield.

However, chances are high that the windshield may look different at the end of winter. If this is the case that there is a big crack or the windshield is distorted auto glass replacement is the best option.

4. Missing piece

If a piece of the windshield is missing then it is time for auto glass replacement as soon as possible.

If there is a piece missing it is an indication that the glass can break anytime even if a rock hits it or the smallest accident can lead to this.

A hole in the glass is an invitation for insect and other things to enter the vehicle.

5.  A repair did not work

After taking the windshield for repair and it hasn’t worked it simply implies that it is time to take the vehicle to an auto glass replacement company. Repairing it again is useless.

The whole purpose of having the windshield is to protect the driver and everyone else in the vehicle.

6. Installation gone wrong

People generally try to install the windshield by themselves or someone they know. Doing this can lead to incorrect installation and this in return create uneven pressure causing the glass to chip or crack.

Hiring an auto glass replacement company to install the windshield turns out cheaper and beneficial since it saves from installing it twice.

The bottom line

If there are any of these six signs it is an indication to replace the windshield. The most important is to driver safe for you and everyone along with you.


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Written by Ryan Martin

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