When My Visit To Montessori School Helped me In Deciding The Future Of My Child!

I still can’t believe that my little baby, my sugarplum is going to turn 2.5 years old next month! I still can’t find it in my heart to send him away from me in Montessori school. Although I know the days of bliss are over. We have to go back to reality! It will not only be tough for me to return back to work but for my son Sam also as for the first time he will be leaving the cocoon, the warmth and safety of my arms and had to embrace the big world with an open heart and clean slate mind!

My husband and I decided to browse and search for some of the top primary Montessori schools in Ashburn VA and then finalize the one that suits best to our specific needs and requirements! As a mother, I was very terrified of sending my child to preschool even if it was for a few hours! But, somewhere deep down I wanted to give him wings to fly.

My husband and I shortlisted 5 Montessori schools and began our tour of visiting them. I wanted the best school for my child which not only understand his inner nature but also emphasized learning through all five senses. I wanted my child to learn on his own pace, discover his inner talent that ultimately leads to self-discipline, motivation, concentration and a love for learning apart from achieving academic excellence!

I read many articles on what things to look for while searching for Montessori school for my child and came across many articles that stated different things. I noted all of them down on paper and with a thumping heart, jumbled up nerves started my quest.

The first thing that I noticed about the Montessori school which I visited was its campus. The huge looming building stood proudly Infront of me. With shaky legs, I entered the campus and the next moment my heart busted in joy! Laughter’s of kids filled my ears and the sight of happy contented children singing together filled my heart with immense happiness. As the helping staff guided me towards the reception area, I couldn’t fail to notice a huge baseball ground, a swimming pool Nd trampoline located near the entrance. Mesmerized and in awe when I entered the reception area, I was pleasantly surprised to see the cheerful atmosphere there! Some helping staff was making children eat their lunch while the receptionist to the far end was making a call to its parents to come to pick up their child as he was not feeling well. At the corner, I glimpsed a doctor’s room and was shocked and jubilant to find that they have an inhouse doctor to treat ill angels. Already half in love with the school I was immediately ushered to the Principal’s office. After a warm greeting, I started asking her the questions which I had made a list of. She listened to me with a calm and poise which is very rare to find.

She started answering my questions step by step. She told me in a soft soothing voice that their main motto is to provide authentic and effective Montessori education which is solely devoted toward to help each child grow towards academic excellence and independence. They achieve this mean feat by building immense confidence, promoting self-esteem and teaching respect for their peers.

Then she asked me to take a detailed tour of the class and observe for my self that will aid me in making a decision. The first thing that I noticed when I entered the classroom was whether it was immaculately neat, sanitizes, organized and had necessary Montessori materials. When I found the classroom to be aesthetically pleasing all my fears vanished in the air. Also, when I glanced at happy, contented and cheerful faces of kids working productively I for a split second, envisioned my Sam sitting among them and learning to make his own train indecently. Elated I returned back home and instead of continuing my hunt of “primary Montessori near me” I decided to get my child enrolled in that school. I was sure not only will he learn to work independently but also will learn to work in a group at his own pace!


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Written by Justine

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