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When I Came Into the World

I once decided to write about my life and since my postings are no longer I am rewriting some parts since I have gained more practice in writing since that time. It might not seem much to some and some might find things they can relate to or even find things that are amusing. My parents had to flee their homeland Latvia during WWII but that is another story to share at another time however for them I was the miracle child that they received when they were already in their middle years. Promise I’ll make them short and as interesting as I can. I would like to begin with the words used by Charles Dickens in “David Copperfield”.

I am born. This happened in 1957 in the month of March, at the Shore Road Hospital in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn, New York City. I came into this world on a Friday at 11 AM. This must be why I’m not a morning person however I do like the sunshine first thing in the early morning. Most of the time I’m a real night owl and find inspiration starting in the evening, working late into the night. This is according to my mom. I was curious about the hospital of my birth but from what I have discovered it is no longer. There is no news on how my mom got to the hospital or what my dad was doing during this time. I can only imagine that they were eagerly awaiting my arrival. I have found this photo of the hospital. I have no idea who wrote on this photo and whose room that was.

What is unusual about my birth is that the doctor – Dr. Aleksandris Baidins, who delivered my mother on May 26, 1911, in Riga, Latvia also delivered me in New York. I entered this world with the usual loud cry surprising the doctor in such a way that he apparently scratched my velvety cheek. You cannot really see it much but I have had a faint scar on my cheek all of my life. He too had to flee his homeland and somehow they all wound up together in New York City. So he had the pleasure to bring me into this world as well. The princess had arrived and the world would never be the same again. I was given a name just like royalty. I have three first names Rasma (a typical Latvian name) Sandra (part of my mother’s second name, Alexandra) and finally Zane (also a typical Latvian name but I have no idea why it was included). Finally, my maiden name which I have kept Raisters.

My dad was so thrilled that he had a daughter that he brought my mom a dozen roses to greet me into this world. Once he saw me and I wrapped my little pudgy hand around my dad’s big finger the romance between father and daughter was on. My parents brought me home to 237 Ovington Avenue Bay Ridge, Brooklyn, New York and I took over their two-room apartment. It was a small apartment just right for two people and the two main rooms were the bedroom and the living room. The princess arrived home and took over the living room. It was to this room that my dad rushed to every day when he came home from work and I enthusiastically greeted him. It was frustrating to mom because she was the one who spent all of her days at home with me. My mom and dad were a very loving couple so at least she got some rest and time to get dinner ready while dad played with me.

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