What Tools are Best Suited to your Business?

Most might assume that only high-end DIY businesses require tools. Of course, the use for such equipment stretches beyond the use of a single niche market. While some specialist companies wheel and deal the best kits, every firm who takes their company seriously needs a tool or two to get by.

Furthermore, tools are not only required in terms of company efficiency, but for workplace safety too. Each piece of equipment must protect the user in every instance that it’s used. This is a key criterion that must be met and taken seriously at all times, keeping you on the right side of the moral and legal line when performing daily business operations.

Depending on what kind of business you run, certain tools will be better suited to your needs. Consequently, here is a quick rundown of what tools you may require for your company!


The screwdriver is the face of the toolkit, the handy sidekick to electricians, mechanics and construction contractors everywhere. Once again, you must consider the spin on safety more than anything else when selecting your stock here. After all, screwdrivers dig in to the nook and crannies of a space and can pass by hazards such as wires.

Consequently, any screwdriver you use should be in a decent condition. You must keep the tip clean and sharp, and the handle must allow you to have a strong grip during use. Any failings in these areas can cause slippages from both the point and the handle, thereby leading to potential accidents. In the end, only the best screwdrivers are fit for your task at hand.

For example, in order to meet the demand companies such as RS offer high quality screwdriver sets, meaning dangerous duties like voltage checks can be conducted safely and smoothly. A set of the tools is instantly more practical and usable than a single screwdriver, giving more choice of size and heads to work any job from any angle.


Second only to the screwdriver, pliers are an essential piece of kit. Pliers have a high cutting capability, along with a strong handle to enable a firm grip. They can both cut and twist wires and masterfully strip insulation, making pliers a useful companion to the electrician or construction worker.  

A loose grip, bad cutting angle or even just bad luck can mean that what you cut can soon become airborne. Consequently, it’s essential that you and your peers or staffers adorn safety eyewear during usage. Like the screwdriver, pliers need to be sharp always to ensure a smooth and safe cut. The cut should always be instant and easy, so any strain means the blade isn’t sharp enough.  

Pliers are available in different shapes and sizes so that they can effectively lock anything in its metal jaw, regardless of its shape and size. Whether what you want to grip is square, flat or round, the pliers can delve into any awkward space or angle and get the job done. Put simply, their many variations mean they’re highly adaptable in any work that requires maintenance or assembly.


Most people might think of hammers only as a tool to whack a nail into a wall, or a peg of some kind into the mud. However, you can use them for a great many purposes. Used for either building or even demolition, the hammer is definitely up there in terms of its popularity and practicality.

Like screwdrivers and pliers, hammers come in different shapes and sizes. They can be light and nimble in the claw hammer or heavy and two-handed with the sledgehammer, meaning the force of the blows you strike can vary too. They are safe to wield too, requiring protective eyewear like the pliers. You can use the flat face to hammer in what you like and the claws as a lever or to pry things out. In the end, there are few situations the hammer is not equipped to handle.

Of course, it’s not all about building your corporate space either. They can also be used for decoration, meaning that just about every business needs one if they want to so much as hang a picture inside. Ultimately, there will never be a time where you will not need this tool.


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