What Materials Do You Need To Build A Subrack

Subracks are usually used to store electrical equipment or can be placed as a part of a bigger rack. There are several types of sub racks based on the material they’re made from, including aluminum, stainless steel, and zinc. You can choose the type you want based on how strong you want your subrack to be. It’s never that far fetched to build your own if you only know the in’s and out’s.

If you’re willing to build your own subrack, here are all the materials that you’ll need:

Materials Needed to Build a Subrack

To build a closed subrack you will need tapped strips, side panels, front panel, rack ears, and back panels. These materials will help you make a strong and reliable subrack that you can use for storing your valuable electrical equipment.  


Rails are considered the central part as they hold together the subrack. If you’re going to use aluminum, you should choose high-quality aluminum rails to hold it together.  Poor-quality rails may cause the subrack to detach or break.

Tapped Strips

Based on the size you chose for the rails, you should choose the tapped strips accordingly in order to avoid cutting them.

Side Panels

Side panels are very important as they support the rails and prevent them from twisting around. If you’re going to install a back panel, make sure that you get side panels that provide fixing points for them.

Back panel

Some people only rely on the rails and side panels to support the subrack. However, installing a back panel will provide more balance. And it also can be easily removed if you decided to attach the subrack to a bigger rack.

Front Panel

A lot of people don’t use this when installing a subrack. However, having a front panel gives more protection to the electrical equipment you’re going to put in. It’s effortless to build it yourself or you can also purchase it separately.  


The ears are what keeps the side panels, and the back panel attached. Getting high-quality aluminum ears will provide you with a more stabilized subrack.

Making a subrack may seem a bit hard at first, but once you get all the right equipment, you will find it very simple. Before getting the materials to build a subrack, you should first know the size you want it to be. And start getting the materials according to the size you want. It’s essential to match all the sizes together, so you don’t need to cut any piece. It’s always recommended that you get all the parts from one place if possible.

That way you can guarantee that all the piece will fit and you will be saving a lot of time. If there’s a piece or two that you will purchase from a different place, make sure that you have the correct width, length, and height. Always choose high-quality materials so you can protect your electrical equipment. You should also make the subrack flexible for more accessories or for you to attach it to a bigger rack in the future.


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