What Happened to Journalist Jamal Khashoggi?

By now, I am aware that weird stuff occur during a full moon because these dark and demented groups do their satanic rituals and sacrifices around the full moon. So, I was recently wondering with myself which celebrities will be sacrificed next and for what reason. I am not aware of this journalist, but according to these two videos he seemed to have a lot of connections with the media and other officials. So, I decided to add two different video explaining the same murder case.

The recent murder of journalist Jamal Khashoggi had to do with a 15-member assassination team. They tortured him and dismembered his body, which includes beheading him and cutting off his fingers, for trying to expose Saudi Crown Prince. They disposed Khashoggi’s body parts around one mile away from Turkish Consulate.

All this murder happened around the Wednesday October 24th Full Moon, in which the Illuminati seem to do their satanic rituals and human sacrifice. But I am aware they murder people in 3s. So, I am not sure who the other two murdered people.

This video talks about Jamal Khashoggi becoming missing in Turkey, as well as the Turkey was trying to silence journalists. Meanwhile, USA is murdering many people in Yemen. One of the 15-member assassination team has recently died in a car crash.

In one of these videos, Mark Zuckerberg is displayed mingling with the crowd.


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