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We Were Family

It is funny that time has slipped away so quickly. My Sid is now gone to be with his Papa up above, two kittens were adopted, mother Oreo also went to adoption, two kittens stayed here one was my Elvis, who sadly got run over, and his sister Silky who is now the proud mama of her own kittens. Here are some photos of the kittens, Sid, and Oreo.

This has become the official song of our household. All the kittens are happy and love playing with each other. They know that life is going to just get better and we can start singing together. My cat Sid has gotten used to them too and if it means more food in his belly he eats at the same dish with them.

Mother Oreo keeps everyone in hand and walks about meowing like a warden. Her meowing means for the kittens to show up so mama can count heads.



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