We Don’t Need Another War


The world has had enough of wars and the dogs of war. The current hot spots include Yemen, Syria, Somalia, Afghanistan, Central Africa Republic and South Sudan.  Besides deaths and injury, wars also cause displacement of populations, humanitarian crisis, logistic challenges and destruction of infrastructure. We really need to spare a thought for children growing in war situations. They are robbed of the chance to access suitable education, health and recreational facilities. In some severe situations some children even lose their innocence at an early age.

It is with this mind that I am praying that the leaders of India and Pakistan take time to genuinely connect and find each other and stop further escalation of the recent skirmishes in the Kashmir region.  What makes this case more alarming is that these are two countries with nuclear capabilities and a full scale war might have very severe consequences and ramifications.

The Kashmir dispute has continued to drag on for a long time, and we can only hope for a permanent solution. In the past, American mediation has helped to cool down tensions. I am not sure if America has the time and resources to commit this case given that it has also a lot on its plate these days. Some of the items in Trump’s in-basket include trade disputes with Russia, Korean Peninsula issues, Afghanistan negotiations, Russian-Ukraine tensions and the political and humanitarian puzzle in Venezuela.

It is time for some of the countries bordering India and Pakistan to step up and take a keen interest on this matter. A full scale war between Pakistan and India might also affect them in the long run. Mediation is the key. Military solutions are rarely achieved.  A case in point is America itself. Despite the firepower at its disposal, it is now pushing for a negotiated settlement in Afghanistan.


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  1. I think the worst plagues in our planet have always been greed and self-conceit. The world needs better role models: the majority of the current celebrities are the embodiment of this plague. People run after material wealth and validation, often trampling on empathy and kindness, and so do their leaders.
    The younger generations are slowly waking up, we need to focus on the common enemy and stop fighting against each other, for the sake of our species and our planet.

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