Ways to Promote Your Podcast

These days, podcasting is one of the most prominent forms of sharing information. Whether you’re a comedian, an astrology buff, or a news junkie, you can almost guarantee there is a podcast that’s just up your alley.

Many people are taking to the podcast world first-hand and creating an online audio show. A podcast is an excellent way to bring attention to subjects that you’re passionate about and to build a solid fan base of people all across the globe. 

Do you have a deep interest in the Napoleonic Wars, and you’re desperate to share your wealth of knowledge, but nobody you know cares about it? Well, you’d be surprised at how many people out there would love to hear your take on the War of 1812. With a podcast, you can reach a community of likeminded individuals and slowly start to increase in popularity within the podcast sphere. 

If you’re launching a podcast for the first time or even if it’s been years, it never hurts to engage in a little publicity. Read on to discover these tips that will help promote your podcast to a broader audience.

Optimize Your Show Notes

The show notes are the short written descriptions your listeners will see next to your episodes, to decide whether they’ll want to tune in or not. They’re essential to get people to hit that play button. It’s a good idea to keep the description as concise and straightforward as possible since most people don’t want to read for too long. 

It’s also a great idea to practice SEO (Search Engine Optimization) methods, so your show will rank high on Google. Take a few of the main topics from the episode and craft a headline around those specific topics. By doing this, you’ll rank for searches related to what was discussed in the episode. 

Provide Swag to Listeners 

People love free stuff. Entice listeners with swag such as custom tshirts or hats with your show’s personalized logo printed on the front. If you’re starting out, you could offer a few freebies to the first ten people who sign up for your monthly newsletter. Offering gifts demonstrate to people that you value their patronage, which builds healthy and strong audience relationships.

Once you’ve been on the air for a little while, you can offer custom swag to listeners but for a small price. It’s always a good idea to have lots of t-shirts and other goodies lying around in case you participate in a tradeshow or industry event to sell to attendees.

Repurpose Your Platform 

A common technique that many podcasters are doing now is combining online platforms. For example, if your platform is mostly audio, consider adding a Youtube video once in a while!

It goes without saying that social media is critical to the success of your podcast. If you’d rather not devote your work to an entire YouTube channel, consider a weekly Instagram or Facebook Live episode, in addition to your regular audio program.

Make the most out of your podcast with simple, yet effective, publicity techniques.


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