Wash Belly – 61

Colin took over the management of House 3.  This had occured shortly after searching her drawers and seeing his Mother, Miranda’s Will.  She that house to her grandsons, Keith and Joey.  It had hurt like bullet in the gut, that his mother would leave him half a house of House 1, and leave two houses, 3 and 5 to Keith and Joey.

Realising that no one knew the contents of the Will Colin decided to ‘help’ his mother ‘manage’ House 3.

Colin co-signed the mortgage, did repairs, and secretly rented it out.

His mother was sick.  Colin made sure to call Keith and Joey and tell them, “Mom isn’t well.”  Not that she had end stage cancer.

Colin didn’t know if they would come to New York to see her, and they didn’t.  This made Colin rejoice,  their lack of interest would be used against them when Miranda died.

Colin gave his drug business to his nephew, Adam.   He was the son of his elder sister, Lucy.  In this way, Keith and Joey were out of his circle.   He had nothing much to do with them.  They did call every month or so and he was always friendly.

He’d tell them their grandmother wasn’t well, in the kind of way they’d think was just old age..


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Written by jaylar

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