Wash Belly – 20

Colin wasn’t the only one who knew how to play Keith and Joey.

Keith had married  a woman called Zinzi.  The reason she married such a nothing like him was to get citizenship.

When she was present in Florida, Keith was unavailable to Colin.  

It was only when Zinzi  went home over Christmas, ( early December, to early January), summer, (leaving in June, returning in September),  that Colin could use Keith.

Joey was  not as intelligent as Keith.  He  nearly was caught so disappeared for two months.

Colin was forced to employ others to do the trip, and they wanted three times what he paid his nephews.

Before Colin had to shut his ‘business’, happily, Keith’s wife gained her citizenship. As soon as she had it, she tossed Keith in the rubbish and divorced him.  Keith returned to Colin’s fold.

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