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Warning ~ This is a Political Post

I understand that many here do not read or appreciate political posts and I respect that. I also know how important it is to bring views from outside of our tiny little circle if we are going to keep the site going and the views coming in. It’s a part of the balance and struggles to keep the value of your virils up. 

Pete Hegseth is a host on Fox Network. Fox is known for its very conservative views and when I watch it I never just see one side. I know who is on which side, and both sides are presented. I watch many other new casts as well.

Pete Hegseth posted “Manifesto Of The Saudi Terrorist Who Attacked The FL Military Base” and commented on them. Here is what he had to say in an interview with another broadcaster.

“Listen, I don’t play the veteran card, Tucker. I really don’t,” Hegseth added. “But I served in Iraq and Afghanistan. I’ve guarded these guys at Guantanamo Bay. I know what they want to do to us. And if we can’t share that with the American people — their true motivations, their hatred for America, their hatred for Israel, Guantanamo Bay’s a gulag — then we’re gonna get the false narrative of the PC folks in Silicon Valley every single day of the week.”

Where do we go to get our information and what is the lense they use to write it in. It could be that Google rules the world. They know the questions we all ask. They listen to our conversations. Do they interpret differently than what we intended?  I am certain that no one is correct 100% of the time. I don’t think that taking sides is as important as knowing that there are sides and reasons that information is withheld. Some of it is ethical and some are not.

As for now, Pete Hegseth is banned from Twitter and I believe it will remain that way.  It may even further his cause and his point of view.

The times we live in are dangerous and hard. We can choose to ignore it and do the best we can. We can choose to at least learn something about what is going on. We can also become all consumed in the politics and dangers of the world.

We are living in uncertain times. 


What do you think?

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Written by Ghostwriter

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  1. Yes, I think people need to know the facts and have the right to defend themselves. It appears to me, although I don’t hate any race, that we have to deal with truth not as others want to compromise. It is dangerous not to have the right to know all the facts and deal with the truth.

      • A larger number of Congressmen and women in the House and the media have been too loud that they just make it so easy to not like them. The media say the same things over and over almost to zero worthiness. They’re not so hard to miss and meme :-D. I do not wonder at all why people ignore media-controlled politicians. The double-standard with self-righteousness ( I tend to check out people, too) only comes back to my same conclusion– they lack integrity.

    • Well Tucker is a doer. He is involved in many different groups that help with parenting, children and homelessness to name a few. I have not heard him talk about it and yet when I read about people on the board, donating time and money in many organizations, his name is there. (I tend to check people out.)

  2. I watched that Tucker episode and quite frankly I cannot find any main-stream media houses giving a more unbiased view than Fox news. I agree with your post and have just published an article on one of my other writing sites titled “The Information Civil War” and why I make the comparison. Great post Ghostwriter, I enjoyed it.

  3. it is a good idea to think about bringing movie viewers from outside, we need it now in Virily. Many people like political discussions so it can help. I am far away from the world’s politics, a bit more interested in what is going on in my own country and EU. But I follow the news.

  4. We have to be sensible, and that means allowing people to say things with which we do not agree. We can then argue with them and put our own points of view across to counter what they have said.

    We must always seek to get to the reasons that underlie what our opponents say. For example, simply saying “I hate America” should not automatically condemn somebody to be an enemy who must be destroyed. Why do they hate America? It is usually not difficult to find logical reasons, if we are prepared to listen to what is said.

    The same applies even more so to people who say “I hate Israel”. There are very good reasons why somebody might take that line, based on their background and history. It is only by understanding the reasons for that hatred that there is any chance of that hatred being defused.

    We need to understand – not to silence – those who disagree with us.


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