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Photography is today is main part of the event in which we include lots of photography in our different types of events. Well today many people who want to celebrate their happiness with people and there are some people who want little bit show off too in which they organize the party in hotel or another place in which include photography too. Well there are some events which are important for the couples and their family and they want to remember this forever like wedding in which they hire the photographers to take the excellent pictures for their wedding so that they can keep their memories on the paper for lifetime. Well Amit mahendru is known as for their event photography in which he do many types of photography too. Amit mahendru is the best candid photography in Lucknow. Well he is highly experienced in wedding photography and as well as candid too. Well event photography consists of many types of photography in which photographer prepare their equipments according to the events. These events are can be many types in which photographer hire to take the pictures of the event.

There are some event photography which is done by photographer are:-

Pre wedding- well this is not any event but this is done before the event nowadays many couple do this types of photography before the marriage in which couple shoot with each other on particular place. In pre wedding photography the photographer use his creativity in which they make couple many poses and click by their camera in which they use lights and some ideas. Well you can say that pre-wedding photography is a part of event photography.

Wedding photography- well wedding cannot be completed without photography. In wedding photography the photographer click all the images of the event of wedding and the images of the bride and groom and their family too. In wedding photography the photographer do cinematography too in which they make the video of the full marriage and after some editing they make wedding cinematography.

Birthday photography- well today everybody want to celebrate their birthdays and they organize party grand in which they hire photographer for their birthday events in which photographer take images of the party and click some candid and different types of pictures in birthday for the birthday person. Well birthday party photography mostly done by friends who are photographer in the party. Well many beginners start their photography from these types of events.

Candid wedding photography- well this done by many photographer it’s a part of wedding photography where photographer click the images of the bridal and groom. Well candid photography is that photography in which photographer click the unpredictable images which is mostly done in wedding where photographer try to capture candid moments in the wedding.


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