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wander project The Wish List Challenge!

A few days ago, I talked about the @Ghostwriter inspired Wish List Challenge. You can find a detailed how-to guide here. The concept was straightforward. I typed Wish List in Microsoft Word and then printed it. No lines, no nothing other than the two words. Then I haded it for my wife. She looked at me quizzically, so I explained it was for her to write down her dreams and wishes for our family and for us. She smiled and started writing furiously. I think by the time I walked back downstairs, she was already at ten. We agreed that we would take a couple of days, and then on our date night Saturday, we would bring out two lists and have a conversation about our wishes.

The best thing out of this was how similar our lists were. But we also concluded that we had some common goals and some longer goals to share and build on.

Wish List Challenge 

  • Do yoga together
  • Cook a meal together
  • Ride the Tandem bike more (and also bike riding)
  • Take cooking lessons

Our initial list is there. We also agreed that we would take time during the initial activities to talk about our big goals.

My wife had a brilliant idea that we are implementing this weekend—our daughter loves to do Caligraphy. So, we are going to have her create a wish list book. As we add or remove wishes from our collection, we will put them into a binder. But the value is they will be beautiful to look at. My wife wants to keep the challenge activities fresh and in front of us!

Feel free to join the Wish LIst Challenge! Directions are in the link above, or you can select it here!


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  1. I did that a few years ago, created a wish list for our family, one of those was to stand by our children in all their efforts. I was so honored to hear my son speak about it in his graduating speech.

  2. Stunning photos… I can help with the calligraphy for your wish list, but you need time to do it.

    My wish list is to complete some home projects for a sustainable garden, go to the South Island of New Zealand, see more of Tasmania and there are many others.

    The sustainable garden is being worked on.

    • My daughter is actually going to go the cards it is super exciting! but there are others interested in doing that, I will let you know (calligraphy wise)!

      Thanks for the compliment they are all pictures i picked not ones I took!

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