Wander project Greenwood and the story of Fran…

When the kids were little, I would hand them the camera and let them take pictures. I still do that today, but now they grumble (why do I have to take pictures. It is fair, I can see everything, why do I have to take pictures of it? Well to be fair, my daughter still loves to take pictures it is mostly the boys that grumble). Back in the Greenwood days, or frankly the entire time Fran was with us (she passed away in April 2014) my daughter took pictures of her.

They were thick as thieves the two of them. So you see many pictures today of Fran. I’ve shared me all-time favorite Fran and my daughter story many times, but I have to share it with you one more time. Fran was a force of nature in our family for the 13 years she lived with us. She was my daughter’s protector, defender, and pal. When my daughter had knee surgery (three times), Fran was right there making sure her girl was ok, protected and most importantly sharing whatever food was brought to recovery.

It was the sharing of food that brings my favorite fan story to a head. One day I was upstairs (they kids bedrooms were upstairs in Greenwood). I was fixing the computer in the area between the boy’s room and my daughter’s room. My daughter was downstairs with the boys watching TV. Fran kept coming out of my daughter’s bedroom and running to me then running back to the bedroom. Universal Labrador for follow me, so I did. I went into my daughter’s room (which was a mess by the by), and Fran was standing by the nightstand. I started to leave, but she got excited and wagged her tail. So I opened the top drawer of the nightstand. There were snacks in the drawer. Fran was hungry. Food, because of mice was forbidden in bedrooms, so I called my daughter up and made her clean out the drawers and get rid of the food. I made sure Fran got some.

About a month later, Fran did the same thing again. I went in, and yes there was more hidden food. In fact over the years whenever Fran wasn’t paid off by my daughter she turned state’s evidence and turned my daughter in. She either got a bribe or a reward. She was a very smart dog.


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Written by DocAndersen

One fan, One team and a long time dream Go Cubs!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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