Wander project Disney Day 2

The reason to stay at the park itself is you get to be in the parks before the main gates open. Before we went, I would have said, that wasn’t much or wasn’t valuable. After being there with small children I can honestly say, it was a lifesaver. We could get in line for the business rides before the crowd got there. A couple of times we had to hoof it across the empty part to get in line before the ride opened for the day.

But, that hoofing it saves us hours of waiting in line. There were a few rides that my wife and daughter went on that I waited with the boys. A few rides as well that I went on with our daughter and my wife, and the boys waited. Those were the rides they were not tall enough to ride. We did find that the hall of presidents was air-conditioned, so there were a couple of times the boys, and I sat through the presentation.

By sat through, I watched the presidents, the boys slept.

Disney is a magical world. I have so many memories I could share these pictures 400 times and still have stories to tell. One of the things I enjoyed about the experience was collecting the pins from each of the parks. I still have the hat with all the pins!

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