Winter snowy forest under the light of the moon

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Walking under the moon in the winter night forest

I made a hike to the winter forest at night under the moon. It was a frosty winter night. I wanted to see a pure nature. The sky was clear and the moon was shining nightly. It was a bit scary but interesting. I walked along a frozen forest river covered with fresh white snow and on the snow, there were many animal tracks going to the river from the forest. The animals walk in the winter to the river at the watering place. The ice on the river seemed strong, but it turned out there were small polynyas where the animals and drink water, it was a snowy night and all the ice was covered with snow as a white blanket and these polynyas were not visible The animal tracks were around here rabbit and fox, it’s good that I did not meet large animals.

Winter snowy forest under the light of the moon

Winter forest covered with deep snow under the night sky in the moonlight

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Wildlife animal tracks in the snow white ground cover in the woods

Animal tracks from the forest to the watering point on the forest winter river

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The snow cover in winter with traces of wild animals

Fresh trail on the snow of a wild animal

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Walking under the moon in the night sky in the winter wild forest

The riverbank is the most dangerous place. The ice is covered with deep white snow, there are have small cracks near the shore where there are sources of open water where you can fall.

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Traces of wild animals in the winter forest Northern Wilderness

Fresh traces of wild animals from the snowy winter forest

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Animal tracks in the form of a loop hare on fresh snow frozen forest river

Fresh traces of a hare in the form of a loop on the snowy white ice of a forest river

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