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Wacky Wednesday – Auckland Hospital Board

Firstly this is the “Domain”,  right next to the Auckland Hospital, it’s a lovely park.

Right, the Auckland Hospital Board is a huge organisation of CEOs and “experts”, but the Drs and nurses give excellent service even if the administration department does not know their left hand from their right.

Quite frankly, from today’s experience, a group of Baboons could do management better than they can.

I was given good medical care for my broken arm. I now have a lighter cast. I am happy with the medical team

Another fly in the ointment is the communication between one department to another.

At the moment the young Doctors are on strike over the pay and the awful hours they have to work, in fact its a miracle the patients are safe when they have to work the long hours with no breaks. The problems are a lot deeper and more complex than just this.

I was promised some things to help me for my broken arm by Accident Compensation. Its a great way of getting people stop seeing other people for their accidents. Medical expenses are compensated for by this organisation called, ACC. Great idea

What happened to me, I was promised some home help. Now, I am fine, I don’t need it with the lighter cast. Home help came from 3 lots of organisations and the person was supposed to arrive from an agency and they didn’t arrive at all. To find out why.

Some other organisation organised my home help, tried to contact me, but I was with my husband waiting for as long as 5 hours to be seen to, but this organisation I did not know anything about until today. It had been tried to call me while at medical appointments. As for the other 3 organisations they did not know anything.

I just cancelled home help and said I would do it myself. Honestly monkeys are better organised than them.

Good thing, I can do all things through Christ that strengthens me.

Welcome to Auckland Hospital Board and “Wacky Wednesday!


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Written by Pamela Moresby

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  1. These problems with health policy everywhere have problems. Physicians are right to protect. Unlike bad health policy, they are polite and hearty to patients. Get healthier faster.

  2. I can imagine and feel how annoying and disappointing it is when we are dealt with improperly by an organization that deals with medical care. For important matters for humanity like that, it turns out there are still many parties that are not credible.
    Hopefully, you will recover soon, Pamela.

  3. I am glad that the hand is already better, dear friend …. but you also have health problems … just like us … doctors work through their abilities new ones … there is no health system in our country before the break

  4. Not to mention that The Three Stooges could do a better job running the hospital you are talking about since one of their video shorts called “Men In Black” is best known for the line “For duty and humanity.” as their mission to save lives.


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